(Source: weheartit.com)

(Source: weheartit.com)

Hello! It’s Iris! So, it’s been 3 months since our last post. (June 7th) 
We’ve been super busy and sort of forgot about this blog…

Our apologies! I’ll be somewhat starting it up again :)
Kitty lovers are welcomed! 


talk to us because we like to talk ta da

Hey Meow. 

So I know we’ve been lacking in the kitty department lately but school is becoming overwhelming!

From there I’d like to say thank you for still following us <3 :)

 And to finish, our good kitty pal iris does have 2, yes 2, other blogs that she works on more often! You should check them out since you love us? :)


And till our next kitty, Goodday :)

animalloverslikemearehard2find- asked: How do you get such perfect pictures of cats? Its crazy!

It’s you! The community within tumblr supplies all of our kitty wonders <3 :)

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